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Why does my company need the services of a Google Consultant or Search Engine Optimization (Optimisation) (SEO)?
Your website is an advertising tool, you may have paid thousands of pounds/dollars creating a perfect visually designed website, using all the latest Flash technology, but unless it has been optimized to be "seen" by search engines it's just an expensive resource sitting there, using up even more resources.

What does a Google Consultant do to earn their fee?
I will examine your website and write a report, outlining on each page what you need to do - which will involve you implementing quite a few changes to your website to make it "Search Engine friendly". In a nutshell Google looks for text in a variety of key places - each piece of text has its own importance, my report will outline what you need to do to be seen.

Why does my company need to be visible in the first few pages of Google Search Results?
People are naturally lazy and will not usually search more than 3 pages of information on Google - so you need to have a visible presence in these first 30 search pages.

Sometimes I do a search in Google and can only find the index page of a website?
The web designer of these websites has not optimized the whole website, they have merely concentrated on the home page. I give the same amount of importance and detail to every page - which means that customers or clients can enter your website via any page that they chose to search for. The more pages your website has, the greater opportunity for a successful search.

How Much - What does it Cost?
Complete the on-line form form and I will give you a quote depending on th esize of your website.

How does my service differ from the competition - What guarantees do you offer?:
I do not offer false promises, I don't over complicate the process, I show you evidence of my past results. In short I produce a report upon which you act - if you carry out all the recommendations you should be as successful as I have been. If your website is currently in 1,000th position - you should be happy with any improvement, getting you in the first 20 pages would be a major improvement - It is unlikely that you will become Number 1 with all your search phrases with a website of 40 pages against a competitor with thousands of pages - unless of course they haven't optimised their website.

For proof of my track record please feel free to check out these samples of my work - The best I have achieved to date is "Tourism Photos" - 1st position out of 33.7 million
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Home , Google Consultant , Why Chose me as your Google Consultant , On-Line Form , Why do I need it

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