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I will provide you with a report, individually tailored to your website, allied to the product you are selling or advertising, outlining what you have to do to improve the way that Google indexes (Google Ranks) your website based upon my experience. To this end, the more information you can supply about your product the greater the chances of Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being effective and increasing your Google ranking. Websites that feature further down than the 3rd page (30th position) of Google Search Results rarely get a look in, with our busy lives - so this, or better is a target to aspire to.

Many Google Consultants recommend a "sometimes very costly" solution such as Google Adwords and Pay Per Click (PPC), which can be very effective - but at a high price. You could end up paying anything from £100.00 - £1,000.00+ per month for the adverts. I am offering a tailored service to your company using the website that you have created, all for a fixed fee for websites up to 40 pages and a separate price for larger websites.

Without giving away the secrets of my trade I will be providing a website-wide strategy and implementation advice that you will be able do yourself, or through your website designer - which will yield significant increased Google page ranking results throughout the entire content of your website and not just via the front-end of your website. In most cases this will not result in a redesign, though you may have to adapt your website to accommodate the changes I will recommend, to make it, the most effective it can be. Once the website has been Optimized for Google and you start to see your pages ranked further up the ladder, other search engines will slowly start to harvest the information from Google, and your information will then start to appear on their search pages as well.

You can utilize this advice with any future pages you develop on your website at no extra cost!

If you wish to employ my Google Consultant Services - please provide your company website address (URL) and a thorough description of your company, together with information about your products and your competition as well as the websites that you wish to compete with. I will investigate the product/company before I decide if its something that I can help you with - Some companies are just too big to compete with, so I wouldn't want to give out false hope without some provisional investigations. Prices available upon application.

How does my service differ from the competition:
I do not offer false promises, I don't over complicate the process, I show you evidence of my past results, in short I produce a report upon which you act - if you carry out all the recommendations you should be as successful as I have been.

Home , Google Consultant , Why Chose me as your Google Consultant , On-Line Form , Why do I need it

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